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Working overseas in hazardous zones is by its very nature dangerous. There is ample opportunity for contractors to be injured. Here are some tips on how to claim for injury in terms of the Defense Base Act

#1 You Don’t Have To Be Working.

You do not have to be actively engaged in work when you are injured in order to qualify for assistance or a monetary settlement. This is especially true if you are active in a war zone such as Iraq or Afghanistan. The key to your claim is to document the circumstances surrounding your injury. This documentation should include photographs if possible. keep these on hand until you have had a chance to speak to your attorney.

#2 Swift Reporting.

If possible as soon as you have received an injury report this to your immediate supervisor in person. If this is not possible then at least contact the supervisor via email or fax. Be sure to get a confirmation that your communication has been received. Keep a copy of the communication. If it’s email then send a copy to a third party for safekeeping.

#2 Wage Records.

Gather and file all of your wage records (including bonuses)

#3 External Medical Advice.

Immediately seek treatment from a third party, licensed and accredited doctor – don’t rely on the doctor recommended by your insurance company. Don’t let your insurance company strong arm you – you have the choice as to which doctor your use.

#4 Witnesses.

You need to write up a list of those who witnessed the injury, along with all the details that you can get. This includes mobile numbers and physical addresses.

#5 A Diary.

Keep track of all the medical treatment you receive while away from home. If possible keep the transcripts of the treatment and the details of who supplied the treatment. Make sure you keep x-rays and MRI reports. In fact, demand everything once the treatment has been rendered. Don’t wait to try and get these once you are back at home.

#6 Tell The Truth.

Be upfront with doctors. the worse thing that you can do is try and embellish. It never works. your claim will be thrown out if you are proven to have lied by the Department of Labor. Remember that just because you have suffered a previous injury that is no grounds for the dismissal of your claim. Make sure that your doctor understands the nature of your work – many don’t understand that you’ve been wearing body armor or carry a firearm.

Beware ‘nurse case manager’s’from insurance companies – they should not be in the room when you are examined by your chosen physician. In this case, insurance companies are not on your side.

#7 The Clock Is Ticking.

Contact a defense base act lawyer or attorney as quickly as possible. If you are not in a position to do that then ask a family member to do so on your behalf. An attorney will be able to represent you in terms of the Defense Base Act no matter where your contractor is in the United States.

Facebook is a wonderful environment for attracting new customers to a skin care clinic. People use this social network to stay in touch with their peers, but also to discover cool, interesting and beautiful things. Nonetheless, as not all everyone on Facebook needs skin care services, you should make sure you target the right audience.

How to use fb ads to promote a skin care clinic

This isn’t the exclusive secret of Facebook promotion success. All marketing strategies should be focused on the core target demographics of the brand. This is why, before learning how to set up your Facebook ads, you need to understand who your ideal client is. Are your best customers mainly women? Which is their age range? What professions do they have? How do they dress? Do they have hobbies or passions that set them apart from the crowd? Once you manage to depict your ideal client, you should proceed to setting up your Facebook ads campaigns.

When you create your campaign, Facebook offers you the possibility to show your ads to specific demographic categories. You can narrow down the target audience by age, gender and favorite activities or hobbies. This is how you can maximize your chances that people who see your Facebook ad will contact you to schedule an appointment. Even if they don’t contact you right away, they are going to recall your name when they are going to need your services.

The other important thing to keep in mind when using Facebook ads to promote your local skin care clinic or any other local services for that matter is that you want to show your ads only to people who can actually benefit from your offer. This means you need to narrow down the geographic area to the one you can cover. There’s no point in paying to attract people who live six hours away from your clinic, as they are never going to use your services unless they move house. You may argue that people are active on Facebook even while traveling, so they could actually live in your neighborhood even though their current location is many miles away. While this is true, you need to keep in mind that you need to limit your campaigns to your available budget. Most probably, you can’t spend as much as required to advertise your clinic to the entire state or city. Under these circumstances, trying to maximize your conversion rates is the wisest thing to do. You have to narrow down the target audience of your campaigns to those people who meet all conditions required to become your clients from both demographic and geographic point of view.

These are a few tips to help you understand how to get the biggest bang for your buck when running Facebook ads campaigns. Ideally, you should outsource this work to a professional digital marketing agency. However, if you are keen on doing it yourself, learn how to make the most out of your money and effort. If you apply the above tips and advice, you’ll be better off than advertisers who spend their budgets at random.

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How to market a physio therapy clinic

If you have just opened a new physiotherapy clinic then it can be quite hard to get users. After all, most doctors will already have an established relationship with an existing clinic that they can send their patients to. Why would they send them to you unless you are already well-known to them and have a good reptuation?

If you’re a newly qualified physio or moving to a new area, then you can get doctors to send people to your clinic if you market it based on location, since a lot of users will want to go to a clinic that is comparatively near to where they live. Another option is to market to people who are more likely to self refer to physios – such as athletes.

how to market a physio therapy clinicBuilding up a relationship with sports coaches who will send their athletes to you is a good way to get a steady stream of people, who should in theory all have similar injuries. This means that you can become known as a specialist for, say, torn ACLs or rotator cuff injuries. You will be dealing with similar over-use or traumatic injuries, in a population that is likely to be serious about rehab. In addition, athletes are a population that will have a lot of friends who may also want to use your services, which makes people more likely to choose your service for self-referral too.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for physios, as is blogger outreach. If you can get people talking about, and writing about, your products and services then it becomes possible to reach people who want prehab, rehab, and maintenance care. In the case of immediate diagnosis and short term treatment a lot of people will just go to their doctor or to whoever their health insurance recommends. With more long term injuries, though, you will want to get the best treatment – and that sometimes means going to a specialist. Market yourself as that specialist.

As a physiotherapist, you will be qualified to treat a range of issues – but who is your ideal customer? It’s not a good idea to work with people who are unlikely to be compliant with the treatment recommendations that you give them – so don’t market to people who have unhealthy lifestyles. Don’t market to people whose injuries could be described as self-inflicted. Yes, treating people who come through the door needing help is the good and right thing to do – but when your livelihood depends on people choosing you for their care, you need to be able to show people that what you are offering works. That means marketing to people based on results. Show people the pitcher that you got back into the game. Show them the martial artist whose knee you fixed – or the trucker with back problems that you worked with, improving their posture and keeping them on the road. That’s where you will find most of your customers coming from.

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